Time to Start Making Your Star Party Plans for This Year

As so many in North America are gripped with winter weather and lousy observing conditions, its nice to dream of warmer nights and perfect observing conditions. And so, its not a bad time to start thinking about attending one of the myriad of star parties to be held in 2020.

The year, as always, begins with a bang with the Winter Star Party which is held in the Florida Keys and kicks off in just a couple of weeks.

And soon after that, a full slate of star parties in pristine viewing areas in North America and Canada will be in full swing. The folks at Go Astronomy have put together a nice list of the top star parties of the year. You can check out the list here.

And of course, NEAF/NEAC will again be held this April offering the ultimate event for those passionate about astro gear.

So if the winter blues are getting you down, start dreaming and planning for your star party getaway.

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