Ricoh Imaging Americas Announces Two New Pentax XW-Series Astronomy Eyepieces

Ricoh Imaging Americas has announced two new Pentax 2-inch astronomy eyepieces as part of its XW Eyepiece Line. The new Pentax XW30-R and XW40-R offer an extra wide field-of-view and are ideal for observing nebulae and star clusters with clear, comfortable viewing offered through a 70-degree apparent angle of view and an extra-long 20mm eye relief.

The high-performance Pentax XW-series optics incorporates high-refraction, high reflective index, extra-low-dispersion lanthanum glass elements to produce a well-balanced image with minimal aberrations. They are particularly designed to reduce the disturbing blackout effect by effectively compensating the spherical aberration of the pupil. They also feature Pentax-original multi-layer coating for outstanding light transmission efficiency and advanced light-shielding technology for improved image contrast.

All lens surfaces that come in contact with the air are treated with original multi-layer coatings, while all laminated surfaces are treated with an innovative partial coating to offer the light transmission efficiency of more than 90 percent (at 96 percent at 550nm) over the visible light spectrum.

Thanks to Pentax’s advanced computer simulation technology, the XW series features a light-shielding diaphragm at the most effective position to drastically reduce internal reflections for a brighter, higher-contrast image.

The XW series are available with a 2” barrel for smooth, easy installation on telescopes. When the rotatable eyecup is removed, it also offers an adapter-mounting screw/thread (48mm in diameter with a 0.75mm pitch). The XW series features JIS Class 4 weatherproof construction, making it possible to use it in drizzle or under night dew.

The Pentax XW30-R and XW40-R will be available for sale at the end of December, at retail outlets for a manufacturer’s suggested US retail price of $369.95 and $399.95 respectively.

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