Astronomik XL Clip Filters for Mirrorless Full Format Cameras

Astronomik has announced that it has introduced new Astronomik XL Clip-Filters for Canon’s mirrorless full format EOS R and RP cameras.

Astronomik’s Clip-Filter offerings are hugely popular with DSLR camera owners for astro imaging. Ingenious in their design, these custom-made filters fit inside the housing of the camera, just behind the lens or T-ring. No tools are necessary to use them, as they just pop in and out.

According to Gerd Neuman with Astronomik, “After a long period of prototyping and development we are now able to offer Clip-Filters for Mirrorless Full Format Canon EOS R and RP Cameras. The filters are held in place safely and securely with no stress to the high-quality glass.”

Astronomik XL Clip Filters are available for Mirrorless Full Format Canon EOS R and RP Cameras include the CLS-CCD Clip Filter, the company’s ideal “all-round filter.” The CLS-CCD largely suppresses artificial light pollution and enables deep, long-exposures even from locations with strong light pollution while revealing natural colors.

Astronomik XL Clip Filters
Astronomik XL Clip Filters

The XL Clip Filters for Mirrorless Full Format Canon EOS R and RP Cameras include emission line filters consist of H-alpha, SII and OIII with 12nm and 6nm FWHM. Also available are Astronomik’s ProPlanet 642 BP, 742 and 807 which offer the infrared photographer a wide range of filters at their disposal. UV+IR blockers L-1, L-2 and L-3 are also included.

And for those that are interested widefield imaging, Astronomik’s XT Clip Filters are specifically designed to deliver widefield images with crisp and sharp stars right to the edge of the field.

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