Orion’s GiantView BT Binocular Telescope Series Offer an Immersive Deep Sky Experience

Orion Telescopes and Binoculars has taken binocular telescopes to the next level with the release of its GiantView BT binocular telescope series. Offered as a BT-70 45-degree, BT-82 45 degree, and the BT-100 ED 90-degree configuration, these instruments offer an immersive deep sky experience allowing both eyes at the eyepiece.

Each version accepts interchangeable 1.25″ eyepiece pairs for a variety of magnification options. Individual eyepiece focus provides precise focus control, while compression rings hold eyepieces securely in place. Orion suggests using pairs of 8mm or longer focal length. Since the GiantView series accepts eyepieces, you can also use pairs of 1.25″ light pollution filters to improve contrast while observing brighter deep sky objects.

Each series includes a pair of 18mm 65° 1.25″ eyepieces which provide 22x magnification and a 2.9° field for the BT-70; 26x magnification and a 2.5° field for the BT-82; and 31x magnification and a 2.1° field for the BT-100 ED.

Thanks to a sealed and nitrogen purged body, each binocular in the series is waterproof for use in damp conditions, but are not designed for permanent outdoor installation.  Each offers multi-coated BAK-4 Porro prism glass which allows more light to be transmitted to the entire field of view offering bright, color-rich, and sharp edges of the periphery.

GiantView BT-70 Binocular Telescope Specs

– Magnification: 22x

– Optical diameter: 70mm

– Field of view – angular: 2.9°

– Field of view – linear: 74.3 ft./1000 yd

– Apparent field of view: 65.0°

– Eye relief: 17.0mm

– Exit pupil: 3.2mm

– Near focus: 40 ft.

– Weight: 6.6 lbs.

– Height: 4.7 in.

GiantView BT-82 45 Degree Binocular Telescope Specs

– Magnification: 26x

– Optical diameter: 82mm

– Field of view – angular: 2.5°

– Field of view – linear: 63.2 ft./1000 yd

– Apparent field of view: 65.0°

– Eye relief: 17.0mm

– Exit pupil: 3.1mm

– Near focus: 60 ft.

– Interpupillary distance range: 55mm – 80mm

– Weight: 10.0 lbs.

– Height: 4.9 in.

GiantView BT-100 ED 90-degree Binocular Telescope Specs

– Magnification: 31x

– Optical diameter: 100mm

– Field of view – angular: 2.1°

– Field of view – linear 54.0 ft./1000 yd

– Apparent field of view: 65.0°

– Eye relief 17.0mm

– Exit pupil: 3.3mm

– Near focus: 90 ft.

– Interpupillary distance range: 55mm – 83mm

– Weight: 16.8 lbs.

– Height: 8.0 in.

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