Rigel Systems Announces the usb-nFRAME Camera Rotator is Now in Production

After extensive testing the new Rigel Systems usb-nFRAME Camera Rotator is now in production.

The price for the usb-nFRAME + Frame rotation hardware and stepper is $599.95US. The usb-nFRAME will run both the framing stepper and a focus stepper (including Rigel Systems steppers and any Robofocus/Moonlite compatible unipolar stepper).  This gives users both focusing and framing in one fully ASCOM compliant package.

For those who own a usb-nSTEP basic (PC only), you can send it to Rigel Systems and the company will apply the full original purchase price against the usb-nFRAME ($599.95 – $147.95 = $452) as they can pull the circuitry out of the usb-nSTEP basic and incorporate it into the usb-nFRAME.

The usb-nFRAME hardware comes native with a SCT (Celestron or Meade) compatible nosepiece for direct mounting to an SCT.  Rigel Systems also includes a 2″ to SCT male adapter that threads into the nosepiece for use with standard 2″ focusers.

On the backside the usb-nFRAME accepts the M54 thread common for many field flatteners. Rigel Systems also includes an M54 to M48 male adapter for field flatteners that can be unscrewed from their nosepieces, and/or direct connect to a camera stack.  The usb-nFRAME adds about 53mm length to your imaging stack.

Rigel Systems also supplies a 54mm nosepiece, so it could be screwed directly onto the 54mm threads on the focuser draw tube. Doing that, reduces the backfocus required for the usb-nFRAME to 30.

More information is available on the Rigel Systems website.

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