Artesky Introduces New Losmondy Style Dovetail With Metric Scale Graduated in Millimeters

Artesky has released an updated version of its 325mm Losmandy style dovetail bar which offers a metric scale graduated in millimeters for easier balancing of your telescope.

At 325mm long the dovetail bar is useful for large telescopes, including refractors up to 150mm in diameter and Newtonians up to 300mm in diameter as well as for use on mounts with Losmandy connections such as the iOptron CEM60 or CEM120 and the SkyWatcher EQ6-R, AZEQ6 or EQ8.

The dovetail bar is equipped with central milling and several holes to allow easy connection to accessories such as rings, guide rings, clamps, etc. The bar is made from aluminum blocks that are processed by high precision CNC machines, which are then sandblasted to guarantee a high-quality surface finish and anodized with deep anodization (also called hard anodizing) to protect it from corrosion and increase its aluminum hardness.

You can learn more at the Artesky website.

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