Precision Applied Products Announces DreamStar Line of Apochromatic Refractor Telescopes

For the last 35 years Precision Applied Products has made small to large color free refractor objectives. The company has recently announced its new line of DreamStar Apochromatic Refractor Telescopes. The telescopes are offered at an F/7 focal ration in 140mm, 120mm, and 100mm configurations.

The company’s apochromatic tube assembly is made entirely in their shop with a main focus on how well they center the lenses compared to the mechanical axis. This is done to assure perfect collimation. The lenses are centered to within 2 microns of each other and the cell.

They use a combination of Maple and Mahogany wood to complement the look of the scope. The use of this wood gives a unique beautiful instrument with the following properties:

– Lower coefficient of expansion than aluminum tube or carbon fiber.

– Allows the scope to equalize quickly to temperature.

– Completely waterproof.

– Easy to repair, no dents if it gets bumped.

All optics are manufactured in their plant located in Placentia, CA. Features of their optics include:

– Multiple lens element design.

– They use special lenses as the center element with matching outer elements for optimum viewing.

– Coatings are applied specifically for each element to maximum light transmission.

– Each element is centered to assure perfect collimation.

– Fully baffled tube assembly to minimize any stray light and increase contrast

You can learn more at their company website.

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