Astronomers Without Borders Online Store

Astronomers Without BordersAstronomers Without Borders (AWB) offers worldwide astronomy programs and with the help of industry partners, the organization’s online store has plenty of low-priced goodies.

You’ll find beginners telescopes from a variety of manufacturers — including the award-winning Astronomers Without Borders OneSky collapsible 5-inch table-top Dobsonian. Also available are eyepieces and Barlows from Baader, Vixen, Orion, and SkyWatcher, including a shorty Barlow that works with the AWB OneSky telescope. There are also filters from Baader and Orion and binoculars from compact to 80mm, including the Vixen Optics BT-ED70S-A.

And there is stuff just for fun including prints from well-known landscape astrophotographers. A great gift is the Moon Gazer’s Wheel, a unique, interactive guide to the Moon that makes it easy for anyone to understand how and why the Moon goes through phases. It’s perfect for those just getting started in astronomy, and ideal for public outreach.

Just rotate the chart to match the Moon’s appearance in the sky with the illustration shown in the cutout. The Moon Gazer’s Wheel shows you the positions of the Earth, Moon, and Sun, making it easy to see how the phase is created.

The Moon Gazer’s Wheel also tells you:

– The name of the Moon’s phase

– The Moon’s position in its orbit

– The day of the lunar month

– The Moon’s rise and set time, and the time of day or night that this phase is visible in the sky.

It’s all in the palm of your hand. No electronics, no internet connection. Just an easy look at how our closest neighbor in space orbits the Earth and goes through phases. It’s a wonderful field guide for exploring our Moon and the celestial workings behind her ever-changing face.

Simple. Easy. Informative. Fun. The Moon Gazer’s Wheel is ideal for beginners and anyone teaching or doing public outreach in astronomy.

All this and more is available at the Astronomers Without Borders store page.

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