ASTRO CNC is a New Company Offering Custom Dobsonian Telescope Components

ASTRO CNC is a new maker of custom Dobsonian components including altitude bearings, mirror boxes, secondary cages, and more that are precision cut using CNC milling. They work with various materials including plywood, wood, plastic, and aluminum. Their products are designed to be easily assembled by the end user, which reduces shipping and manufacturing charges and provides the advantages of using the best materials for each aspect of a custom Dob.

Here are example prices for a 12″ Dobsonian components:

– UTA kit (plywood rings, focuser and finder boards, 4 aluminum struts): 150$

– Bearings (plywood): 80$

– Mirror box (plywood): 150$

– Base (plywood): 200$

– 6-support point primary cell (plywood with 3 aluminum pivoting arms): 150$

As a small startup, you can reach out through ASTRO CNC’s Etsy store until its new website is finalized. To start a discussion about your new Dob project click here.

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