StoneAgeTech Offers Custom Planet Dial for Astronomical Observing

StoneAgeTech is now offering a custom Planet Dial that functions much like a Sundial to help to show if a planet is observable in the night sky for the observer’s location. It also shows in which star constellation the planet can be found based on the length of a shadow cast on the dial at noon. The dial is custom made for the specific observing location of the buyer.

The dial is approximately 7 inches in diameter and is heavily laminated for protection from moisture. The dial comes with a small neodymium magnet for quick attachment to a metal surface such as a refrigerator or metal desk when not in use. It is priced at $24.20US.

StoneAgeTech also offers other observing dials including a Lunar Phase Dial, Moon Phase Dial and a Meteor Shower Dial.

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