The Okie-Tex Star Party to be Held September 21 – September 29

One of the most popular annual US star parties, the Okie-Tex Star Party will be held on September 21 – September 29 at Camp Billy Joe near Kenton, OK, which is in the far northwest corner of Oklahoma’s panhandle.

Hosted by the Oklahoma City Astronomy Club, the Okie-Tex Star Party is famous not only for its incredibly dark skies, great food, presentations, fellowship and accommodations but also for the Great Okie-Tex Giveaway. Attendees will have the chance to win several thousand dollars in telescopes, CCD cameras, eyepieces, software, star atlases and many other items.

Attendees will have a choice of accommodation options from tent camping, RVs, bunkhouses and area B&Bs. There are six insulated/heated bunkhouses with beds that are available on a first-come-first-served basis. One building is designated for women only and the others are available for men or family use.

Tent campers, trailers and RVs will be set up around the perimeter of the two observing fields. The camp does not support RV hookups. Those who require full hookups can arrange for those separately at nearby Black Mesa State Park.

There is a large community building that houses the showers and bathroom facilities for the camp. These are available as well as portable toilets scattered near the observing fields for the comfort of star party guests. This building also houses the vendor hall, registration table and the kitchen area that is used by the caterers during the day. At night it becomes the Cosmic Cafe.

The star party cost is $60 per person before Saturday August 31, 2019 and $120 per person thereafter, plus a $5.00 per day facility fee is charged for all registrants 16 years old and older. The facility fee is waived for children 15 years old and younger. Meals are handled separately through the caterer.

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