Analog Sky Drifter 200mm Astronomical Binoculars

Analog Sky

Analog Sky is a new startup that is developing a rich field binocular telescope. It debuted a beta prototype of its Drifter 200mm binoculars at the Oregon Star Party 2019. The telescope offers 30x views with the light gathering ability of a 12”-16” telescope. The company will be conducting a Kickstarter campaign later this year to fund the initial production of the company.

Specifications include:

– Dual 8″ f/5 primary mirrors (GSO)

– Enhanced aluminum secondary (2.6″) and tertiary (1.8″) mirrors (Antares)

– 2″ dual-speed focusers

– Under 50 pounds for OTA and pier

– Machined aluminum or stainless-steel components

– Engineering-grade 3d-printed components

– Custom adjustable-height lightweight pier

– Four Kendrick Astro dew heaters (optional)

– Two Noctua primary fans

– Z-bolt laser spotter

– Tracer LiFePO4 battery pack

Analog Sky offered an extensive blog post on the debut of the telescope on its blog.

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