Wood Wonders One Drawer Telescope Eyepiece Case Offers New Updates

Wood Wonders has announced an updated size of its One Drawer Eyepiece Case created as a result of customizations requested by customers. The number one request was for more room in the telescope eyepiece section. Making the eyepiece section the same size as the company’s Two Drawer Case provides the room for a fuller selection of eyepieces for a full night of observing.

The number two request was for room for iPad I and II size tablets. The original case size would only accommodate the iPad Mini. Also, by increasing the front to back measurement, there is more room in all the storage compartments. A Telrad Reflex Sight will now fit in the under-drawer storage and a Glatter TuBLUG in the drawer.

Far more than just an eyepiece case, Wood Wonder cases are designed to be a “Grab and Go” works of art with the functionality needed in the field to make everything easy to find, “A place for everything and everything in its place,” comments Wood Wonders’ Ron Burrows.

Handmade solid Red Oak and brass hardware are just a few reasons why the Wood Wonders’ line of eyepieces cases are the ultimate in storage and display of prized eyepieces and observing accessories. Each has an automatic red LED lighting system that is activated upon opening the lid. With the pull-out drawer, storage underneath, and the flip-down Plexiglas storage partition in the top, there is plenty of room for all your essentials. Available options to personalize the case and to add the functionality are available upon request to meet individual needs.

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