Apache-Sitgreaves Research Center Offers New Slim-line Telrad Heater For Astronomy

The Apache-Sitgreaves Research Center has introduced a new slim-line Telrad heater that is uniquely designed to gently warm the window of a Telrad unity gain finder. The sleek fitting heater offers easy installation – just 30 seconds to place the cable clip under one screw on the Telrad. Using the typical RCA style plug, the heater can work with most controllers. The Center also offers an extension cord for RCA style controllers.

The Center is an independent research institution operating the Apache-Sitgreaves Observatory in northern Arizona, for ground-based space research and public education programs.

The Observatory in Overgaard, Arizona is located at a world class dark sky site at just under 7,000 feet elevation It is located on top of the Colorado Plateau in Northern Arizona along with several other significant astronomical resources including the Lowell Observatories in Flagstaff and Anderson Mesa and the 4.2-meter Discovery Channel Telescope in Happy Jack.

As an educational resource for schools, the organization’s goal is to demonstrate to students what astronomy is in the 21st century and to help a new generation develop the critical thinking skills needed to analyze the Universe.

To help fund the Center’s operation, the organization offers a line of visual and digital imaging products for amateur astronomers including the new Telrad heater.

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