Voyager 2.1.4 is Released Adding New Functionality to the Astrophotography Software Platform

Voyager is Microsoft Windows(R) software that automates astrophotography. It integrates and orchestrates all mounts, cameras, filter wheels, rotators, guiding systems and more – all the hardware and software needed to do astronomy imaging. The software also controls dome or roll-off roofs with an ASCOM drivers. Voyager’s companion product Viking offers hardware solutions including switches, relays, analog and digital I/O devices.

In its recent Voyager 2.1.4 release, the publishers included an integrated FITS file Viewer which automatically display images as they are downloaded to Voyager. The Viewer can be used as a standalone program and was built to run in its own window and as a separate process.

Voyager 2.1.4 also offers support for the Artesky Flat Field panel devices. Setup is simple –choose Artesky Flat Device in Voyager’s Setup panel on the Flat & Device tab and select the COM port used by your Artesky flat device. All models of Artesky flat panels are supported.

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