HOBYM Observatory Crux Mini Equatorial Mount

HOBYM Observatory is a South Korean based manufacturer of telescope mounts. It produces the Crux line of equatorial mounts which utilize a harmonic drive system. The latest addition to the mount line is the Crux Mini, an ultra-light -5.5 lbs (2.5kgs) mount that can carry payloads almost 4 times its weight with optional counterweights.

HOBYM Observatory It offers excellent performance for precise long focal length astro photography due to its zero-backlash design, which is an inherent advantage of harmonic drives. Even without PEC, exceptional guided tracking is possible due to the instantaneous response to guide commands. The Crux Mini does not need counterweights for payloads up to 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg). The mount can carry a full 22 lbs (10kg) with counterweights, and the whole setup is so small that it can fit into the space normally occupied by a telephoto lens in a camera bag or backpack.

The harmonic drives have an estimated lifespan that exceeds 100 years with near continuous permanent usage.  The mount is equipped with an advanced telescope control system, the TiTaN1 TCS, which offers a very mobile and easy to use setup with or without a computer. The TiTaN TCS controller has high power and the ability to scale and supports advanced wireless environments as well as connection via serial or USB.

The HOBYM Observatory Crux MINI uses P-motion Control, one of the core features of the TiTan TCS, to control periodic errors (PE) in an innovative way. As a result, running the in-mount PEC routine while autoguiding will result in a periodic error value below +/- 5 arcseconds.  Autoguiding will further reduce this to a fraction of an arcsecond.

The HOBYM Observatory Crux Mini is available in the US from OPT.

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