Tele Vue Telescope Accessory Package

Tele Vue Telescope Accessory Package: Tele Vue telescopes have traditionally been sold as basic optical tube assemblies (OTAs), equipped with essentials, such as focusers, dew shields and endcaps, but without such options as star diagonals, eyepieces, finders or cases. The assumption with such high-end components as those designed and produced by Tele Vue has long been that requirements of discerning observers and imagers were too individual to be served by packages of accessories.

But investment patterns indicated that a significant percentage of those who invest in Tele Vue telescopes also purchase common accessories, and because accessory-package costs can be substantially less than purchasing each common component separately, Tele Vue has answered that popular demand. They now offer a Tele Vue Telescope Accessory Package for its TV-60, TV-76, and TV-85 models as well as those designed to complete the NP101is and NP127is along with an SCT Rich-Field Kit.

Some History

Al Nagler took Petzval’s portrait-lens concept – using widely-spaced doublets – and optimized and patented a fast telescope design to test eyepieces. The 5-inch, f/4 MPT (Multi-Purpose Telescope) with its fast speed and flat, wide field, led to a series of continuous improvements, primarily in color correction. By 2001, the NP101 (Nagler-Petzval) scope was the ultimate culmination of 30 years of refinement toward optical perfection for the “multi-purpose” concept.

With the CCD imaging revolution challenging telescope optics beyond anything ever placed at the focal plane, Tele Vue was determined to make the NP series optically, mechanically, and functionally as perfect as possible for imaging on chips with up to 50-mm diagonal without penalty to its near ideal visual operation. With Tele Vue Imaging System (“is”) telescopes, they refined their instruments and optional equipment beyond anything a CCD chip had seen.

Editor’s Note – To learn more the full history of Al Nagler and Tele Vue’s innovations within the telescope industry, visit this article.

The NP101is and NP127is OTA and Accessory Packages

Tele Vue Telescope Accessory Package
Tele Vue’s NP127is accessory package includes its 5-inch Ring Mount set, 2-inch Everbrite Diagonal with 2-inch to 1.25-inch adapter, and an 18.2-mm DeLite eyepiece.

Tele Vue’s NP101is OTA includes an end-ring insert that allows use of standard 2-inch accessories. The native aperture of its drawtube is 2.4 inches to allow imaging on 50-mm chips without vignetting, so that end-ring is essential. Along with endcaps, the OTA also includes a carry case, which represents an already-generous package.

The Tele Vue NP101is Accessory Package adds those optional accessories most often purchased with the OTA, a 4-inch clamshell-style Ring Mount, a 2-inch Everbrite Diagonal, and even an 18.2-mm DeLite eyepiece (for a 2-degree true field of view at 30x), the later because, well, it’s a DeLite.

The NP127is OTA ships similarly equipped as the NP101is. Its Accessory Package adds a 5-inch Ring Mount set, the same 2-inch Everbrite Diagonal, and that 18.2-mm DeLite (1.7-degree true field of view at 36x).

As mentioned, there are also a Tele Vue Telescope Accessory Package of commonly purchased accessories specific to Tele Vue’s smaller apo refractors, as well.

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