Southern Stars Orbitrack App Offers a Pocket Guide to Thousands of Satellites Including Classified Military Satellites

Tim deBenedictis, one of the original SkySafari app developers, recently announced Orbitrack, his first independent app in four years through his Southern Stars app development firm.

Orbitrack is a thorough rewrite of Southern Stars’ 2013 Satellite Safari app offering a brand-new, augmented-and-virtual-reality satellite tracker and spaceflight simulator.

Here’s an overview of what’s new:

– Twice as many spacecrafts as Satellite Safari, including classified military satellites, from an all new data source (

– Rich new graphics and fantastically detailed new satellite models.

– A voice-controlled virtual reality mode that works with any smartphone VR viewer (iPhone only).

– Supports the latest Apple hardware and software: iPhone X and iOS 11.

– Iridium flare predictions.

– Amateur radio satellite frequencies.

– New time flow controls for animating the view.

– New sound effects and dozens of interface tweaks.

Orbitrack is available now on iOS for $4.99US, with an Android version for later release.

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