Kendrick Astro LINX Power Panel

Kendrick Astro LINX Power Panel: Ditch the cigarette lighter plug to power your telescope gear. No, really, you know they were never reliable and never were a good fit for amateur astronomy equipment.

Kendrick Astro LINX Power Panel Instead, upgrade to Kendrick Astro LINX Power Panel.

At just 5.5 by 3.5 by 1.5 inches and only 7.0 ounces (14 by 9 by 3.8 centimeters and 198 grams), Kendrick’s new LINX Power Panel ($212.75US) is small enough in size and weight to mount atop your telescope and deliver up to 30 amps to all your power-hungry on-board devices. It’s even available with a built-in 8-volt DSLR power supply ($250.74US).

It’s easy to convert your existing cords to the new Anderson Connectors, and Kendrick great support staff who will happily walk you through the process. Anderson Connectors are clever “gender-less” connectors, which allow you to mate plugs to make extension cords.

Kendrick Astro Instruments offers pre-welded (glued) pairs of plugs complete with 30-amp contacts. Each pair can be snap-locked to other pairs to make a nifty wiring harness.

Kendrick also sells un-welded Anderson Connectors for crafting extension cords.

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