Meade’s Deep Sky Imager Camera Series is Back with the New DSI IV CMOS Astro Imaging Camera

Meade’s Deep Sky Imager camera series is back with the new DSI IV  which is most advanced camera ever offered in the series.

Equipped with a 16-megapixel Panasonic CMOS image sensor, regulated two-stage thermoelectric cooler, and 3.8-µm pixels, the new DSI IV is the ideal camera for all your astrophotography pursuits. The low-noise, high-resolution and fast USB 3.0 readout make this camera suitable for both deep-sky and planetary imaging, making it one of the most versatile astronomy cameras available.

The camera comes packaged with a new version of Meade’s SkyCapture camera-control software. With complete camera control for all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, SkyCapture can run automatic image-capture sequences without the need to purchase additional software.

The new DSI IV is available configured for either monochrome or one-shot-color imaging. Key specifications include:

– A/D Conversion: 10 or 12 ADS

– Framer Per Second: 23 FPS at Full Resolution

– Chip Dimensions: 4/3-inch (21.9-mm diagonal) (17.6-mm length by 13.3-mm width)

– Shutter: Electronic Rolling Shutter

– Minimum/Maximum Exposure Time: minimum 0.15 milliseconds, maximum 3,600 seconds

– Mounting Type: M42 by 0.75

– Interface Type: USB 2.0 or 3.0

– Back Focus Distance: 17.5 mm

– Image/Video Format: JPEG, BITMAP, FITS/SER, AVI

– Binning: 1 by 1, 2 by 2, 3 by 3

– Spectral Range: 405-690 nm (with IR-Cut Filter)

– Built-in USB Hub: Two USB 2.0 Ports

– Power Supply: DC 5-volt over PC USB Port. External Power Adapter for Cooling System, 12-volt DC, 3-amp

– Software: Meade SkyCapture (CD-ROM included)

– Product Weight: 1.51 pounds

– Product Dimensions: 3.4 inches by 3.2 inches by 4.1 inches.

Accessories included by Meade with the new DSI IV consist of a high-quality, weather-resistant, hard carrying case; AC power adapter; and high-speed USB 3.0 cable. Pricing for the package is $1199US for the monochrome version and $999US for the color version.

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