Astronomik XT Clip Filters for DSLR Cameras

Astronomik XT Clip Filters
Astronomik CLS XT Clip Filter for EOS.

The Astronomik XT Clip Filters are specifically designed to deliver widefield images with crisp and sharp stars right to the edge of the field.

Astronomik’s popular original Clip Filters are well known tools among astrophotographers worldwide, but unfortunately, their effectiveness does not fully extend to the very short focal lengths required for ultra-widefield images – despite that the original Clip Filters are crafted with a glass substrate of just 1.0 mm thickness, some wide-angle lenses showed aberrations in the edge of the field.

The Astronomik XT Clip Filters are created on an ultra-thin substrate with a thickness of just 0.3 mm to minimize

Astronomik XT Clip Filters
Image 2: Corner stars captured through a standard 1.0-mm CLS Clip Filter.

residual aberrations, resulting in stars are sharp and crisp to each corner of the image.

Image 2 was taken using an original Astronomik CLS Clip Filter with a thickness of 1.0 mm fitted to a Canon 700D with a Sigma 10- to 20-mm f/4-5.6 EX DC wide-angle lens at 10 mm. Compare the resulting star sizes/figures to those captured in Image 3 using the same equipment fitted with a the new Astronomik CLS XT Clip Filter with a thickness of 0.3 mm.

This extremely-thin substrate is polished to the highest standards, free of internal strain and

Astronomik XT Clip Filters
Image 3: Corner stars captured through Astronomik’s new 0.3-mm CLS Clip Filter.

stress, resulting in a filter that is suitable even for the most advanced imaging applications. Although significantly thinner, the XT filters continue the positive characteristics of the standard Astronomik filters: 100 -percent scratch resistant, insensitive to moisture and humidity, zero aging. Astronomik’s XT filters will retain the same performance for years into future. To emphasize this, they carry a 10-year warranty.

Astronomik’s new XT Clip Filters are currently available in six formulations priced from €89 to €209.


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