Astronomy Shoppe’s Olde School Optics Division Offers Telescope Restoration Services and Sales of Classic Telescopes

Astronomy Shoppe’s Olde School Optics division specializes in the restoration and sales of telescopes, eyepieces and optics from a bygone era – high-quality, classic instruments that were typically manufactured in all metal – no plastic parts or computers, just excellent optics.

In addition to refurbishing classic and antique telescopes, Olde School Optics offers consultations and off-site support by phone, email or Skype. They also offer onsite upgrades and repairs for telescopes, mounts, etc. as well as an aftercare program for out of warranty equipment.

Each Olde School telescope offered for sale is thoroughly tested by Astronomy Shoppe before it is offered – any and all deficiencies are noted. All of Olde School Optics classic scopes are fully functional and have been optimized mechanically. All paint is original – not touched up – and all mounts have been cleaned and lightly lucubrated optics have been cleaned on two surfaces but not taken apart, unless mold was noted between lens elements.

Olde School Optics telescopes are a joy to use, but are delicate and are not appropriate for beginners.

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