Farpoint Astro Redesigns 2-inch Cheshire Autocollimator for Reflector Telescopes

Farpoint Astro has redesigned its 2-inch Cheshire Autocollimator with the goal of producing the finest Autocollimator available. The all-new model is precision crafted from sturdy machined, anodized aluminum and includes a rubber dust cap.

Successful use of this device requires that the reflector telescope to be adjusted has been previously aligned with basic collimation tools, such as a laser or sight tube and a standard Cheshire.

In other words, the autocollimator is designed to supplement, not replace, basic tools. Farpoint’s autocollimator is for the final precision alignment adjustment to remove residual collimation errors. For an excellent Cloudy Nights resource on collimation utilizing autocollimators, click here.

Farpoint’s new 2-inch autocollimator is priced at $79.99US. Click here for more information.

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