Orion Dielectric Twist-Tight Mirror Star Diagonals

Orion Dielectric Twist-Tight Mirror Telescope Diagonals

Orion Dielectric Twist-Tight Mirror Star DiagonalsOrion has given its dielectric mirror diagonals a new twist – literally! With their twist-tight clamping mechanism, Orion Dielectric Twist-Tight Mirror Star Diagonals are a significant upgrade from typical thumbscrew-equipped diagonals. A simple clockwise twist of the knurled red-aluminum collar precisely centers any inserted eyepiece or accessory and holds it securely in place.

The innovative twist-tight mechanism keeps your valuable eyepieces free of pesky thumbscrew scratches, and provides a more secure grip than thumbscrew-equipped diagonals. You’ll especially appreciate Dielectric Twist-Tight Mirror Star Diagonals when using a telescope during clear, cold evenings thanks to how easy it is to tighten and loosen the large, knurled collar – even while wearing bulky gloves.

Built around a highly-reflective mirror featuring lab-tested dielectric coatings that provide an astounding 99-percent reflectivity, Orion Dielectric Twist-Tight Mirror Star Diagonals will help you obtain the brightest views possible through a refractor or Cassegrain telescope. Plus, since dielectric coatings are more durable than enhanced-aluminum coatings, you’ll enjoy year after year of exceptional performance without degradation. To further optimize contrast and brightness, the diagonal’s anodized-aluminum housing features machine-threaded internal baffles to eliminate pesky internal reflections and glare. Protective caps are included to keep the diagonal free of dust when not in use.

The 1.25- and 2.0-inch nosepiece barrels are threaded to accept like-sized filters. The 1.25-inch version is priced at $119.99US and the 2.0-inch at $189.99. Click here for more information.

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