Volume 11 Issue 6

In this issue Editor Gary Parkerson provides an “Epilogue Of An Eclipse;” Ken Kattner shows how to quantify seeing conditions with Alcor System’s Cyclope Seeing Monitor; “Easy Peasy” says Mark Zaslove when using the Track-The-Stars (TTS-160) Panther Alt/Az Mount; Dr. James Dire approaches APO performance without the price with the latest addition to his astro-gear – a Sky-Watcher USA 190-mm Mak-Newt Reflector; Peter Crake shows how he designed and contracted the building of custom telescope cases; Editor Gary Parkerson shows how the Celestron WindGuide Anemometer offered  “the two weather data points I wanted most: temperature and wind speed;” Our Looking Back Article features Theodore Saker’s thoughts on the Avalon Instrument’s M-Uno mount; plus industry news, new products and more!

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