Volume 11 Issue 5

It’s Solar Eclipse time! Only one week away! In this issue Dr. James Dire discusses how he gears up eclipse style to travel from Hawaii back to his hometown of Saint Joseph, Missouri, gets to visit with old friends and experience solar eclipse totality!; Editor Gary Parkerson gives you 10 reasons why you need to own Oberwerk’s 6.5X32-MM LW binoculars; Paul Temple gets big time imaging from vintage SBIG STS cameras by using old school Parallel-Port technology; Clif Ashcraft shows how the explosion of low read-noise CMOS video cameras mean you can do Speckle Interferometry – and no longer need a two-meter telescope to do so!; Dr. Dire appears a second time as he graces our looking back series with his article detailing his preparation for one of the rarest solar events of all – the 2012 Venus transit; plus industry news, new products and much more!


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