Flyover the Path of the August 2017 Solar Eclipse! has created a super cool video which uses the latest calculations of the path of the August 2017 Solar Eclipse, combined with Google Earth, to create a “fly-along” with the moon’s shadow as it travels over the face of the USA in 2017. has provided bookmarks within the video, so you can skip right to areas that may be meaningful to you:

The shadow enters at this approximate time stamp:
OR- 0:51
ID – 1:25
MT- 1:49
WY- 1:57
NE – 2:39
KS – 3:33
IA – 3:42
MO – 3:42
IL – 4:25
KY – 4:43
TN – 4:51
NC – 5:23
GA – 5:25
SC – 5:32

Be sure to visit their website  which takes you step-by-step with info on the best locations to view the eclipse by each state.


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