Volume 11, Issue 3

In this issue Editor Gary Parkerson talks about the astronomers, cyclists and other extraordinarily generous souls he has met during his Pedaling Astronomer Project; Dr. James Dire shows how the Paramount MYT Robotic Telescope Mount is capable of every pound of its rated capacity; Roy Parish, Gary Parkerson and Austin Grant all pitch in with their thoughts on the Stellarvue SV70T; Simon Tang “Airs it Out!” in his review of the Primalucelab Airy APO 65F; Joseph Bietry introduces his Melior Aprochromat, a new refracting telescope optical design; Tony Brian offers Part Two of how he designed and constructed a 20-inch f/3.6 Dobsonian; We continue with our Solar focused “Looking Back” series with Alexandre Lhoest showing us how to measure seeing and solar imaging with the AiryLab Solar Scintillation Monitor; Plus Industry News, New Product and more!

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