Rigel Systems Offers New nFOCUS Controller Kit for William Optics Star 71

Rigel Systems has introduced a new high-torque stepper motor kit for the William Optics Star 71 telescope, driven by a nFOCUS motor controller.

Rigel’s stepper motor has 0.1-degree step size and easily lifts 8.0 pounds (3.6 kilograms). The stepper can be quickly detached for manual focusing. The nFOCUS controller fits in the palm of your hand and provides two directions at two speeds – with only two buttons – using advanced logic control and voltage regulated output. nFOCUS provides an affordable way to achieve high-precision fine focusing without vibration, for visual and astro-imaging, and is easily switchable from motorized to manual focusing.

Low speed is by adjustable pulse-width modulated (PWM) drive, providing full-voltage torque for reliable low speed operation. The length of the pulse of current to the motor can be adjusted shorter or longer, to produce from a 1-degree to 3-degree rotation of the focuser knob per step. nFOCUS also allows for the selection of the length of the pauses between pulses. With nFOCUS the focuser steps, then pauses, allowing the user to check the discrete changes in the focus before nFOCUS steps to the next focus position.

Simply press the second button down while holding the first button down and the nFOCUS digital logic control switches to high speed drive, to get to focus quickly. The wide ranges of variability with the nFOCUS make it a snap to reach perfect focus.

nFOCUS avoids the problems with some focus motor controllers which adjust voltage to adjust speed, and thereby don’t have the power needed to turn the motor over at low speed. The nFOCUS pushes the motor with a full 12-volt, short duration pulse to overcome stiction at low speed operation, providing plenty of power. The nFOCUS works to focus change step- by-step till it’s just right, eliminating coasting past then back past then past again. It uses three AA batteries (supplied) for long life.

Rigel Systems offers off-the-shelf stepper motor kits configured for Explore Scientific, GSO Classic, Tele Vue, Feather Touch, Celestron, UO Dual-Speed 2-inch/3-inch Focusers, and GSO LF 2-inch/3-inch Focusers. Rigel can also custom build a kit to your specific application.

The William Optics Star 71 kit is retail priced at $319.90US for stepper and controller. For more information visit www.rigelsys.com.


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