Volume 10, Issue 4

In this issue Editor Gary Parkerson discusses his new “Pedaling Astronomer Project”; Erik Wilcox helps bring astronomy to the masses as he describes how he has worked to build an astronomy tour in Hawaii; John O’Neill test drives the new Explore Scientific 127 FCD100 refractor; Jim Meadows shows how to use the MallinCam SkyRaider NetBook Kit over wi-fi for remote video astronomy; Alexandre Lhoest demonstrates how to measure seeing and solar imaging with the AiryLab Solar Scintillation Monitor: Mark Zaslove images with the Fornax 52 Mount; Cliff De Lacy interviews Rock Mallin with MallinCam Video Cameras; we take a look back at Vito Rotondi’s overview of the creation of Pier Tech’s Star Traveler – an observatory that can be driven at 60 mph down the highway; industry news; new products and much more!

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