Volume 9, Issue 1

In this issue read Alan Dyer’s “Time-Lapse Tools and Toys: A Survey of Neat Stuff for Shooting Time-lapses of the Night Sky”; Tom Osypowski’s “The 32-inch F/2.8 Equatorial Platforms Spicaeyes Telescope An Ultra-Fast SlipStream Go-To Telescope with Lockwood Optics”; “A Do-It-Yourself Joystick for Graceful Scope Control” By John Stirniman; Austin Grant’s article “Gerd Neumann Camera-lens Bahtinov Mask and Telescope Support Systems DSLR/Lens Mount: Taking Wide-field Astrophotography to the Next Level”; “CaK-to-Visible Color-Conversion Eyepiece: A Chemically Enhanced DIY Cure for Dim CaK Views” By John Paladini; Astro Tips, Tricks & Novel Solutions; Industry News; New Products and More!

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