Volume 7, Issue 3

In this issue Damian G. Allis, Ph.D. examines the new design approaches and old-fashioned craftsmanship of the 16-inch f/4.5 collapsible-truss Dobsonian from New Moon Telescopes, Mark Zaslove demonstrates how a bigger (field of view) is better with the Boren-Simon 6-inch “Baby” PowerNewt, Richard Wright builds his wide-field dream machine combining QSI, Starlight Instruments and Telescope Support Systems components for an optimum wide-field imaging rig, Austin Grant deploys Magic Lantern Freeware for wide-field astrophotography, Jim Thompson measures the impact of dielectric reflective coatings on image brightness, Ed Ramsell builds a DIY binocular image stabilizer, Industry News, New Products and more!

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