Volume 3, Issue 4

In this issue Richard Hedrick gives an Insiders View of the Origins of PlaneWave Instruments and its CDC Telescopes, Dr. Clay Sherrod overview of the Arkansas Sky Observatories PlaneWave CDK-17 installation, a look at Unihedron’s SQM-LE Reader and Knighware’s SQMReader Pro software, Editor Gary Parkerson demonstrates using Taurus Technologies’ Dark Sky Atlas to find Dark-Sky Observing Sites, Erik Wilcox shares his experience as a Backpacking Astronomer, Craig Stark tests the Spike-a Focusing Mask, Dr. James Dire takes a look through the Cambridge Double Star Atlas, Dave Merritt builds a PVC Secondary Mount for a Wire Spider, Steve Sands Tip on upgrading tiny Telrad alignment knobs, Industry News, New Products, and much more!

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