SkyRaider ED APO Refractors

The SkyRaider ED APO Refractors are a new line of telescopes recently introduced by Revolution Imager. The two telescopes in the SkyRaider lineup include the SkyRaider 80mm ED APO Refractor (500mm F/6.25 focal length) and the SkyRaider 66mm ED APO Refractor (400mm F/6 focal length), both offering excellent performance for visual and imaging applications (shown in the accompanying image is the SkyRaider 66mm).

SkyRaider ED APO Refractors
SkyRaider 66mm ED APO Refractor

Each telescope comes standard with a 2″ Dual Speed Crayford 10:1 Rotating Focuser, which not only will hold your eyepiece or camera in place, but allow you to easily frame your target using the built in rotator. Also included is a 2″ to 1.25″ adapter to provide functionality with all 1.25″ or 2″ accessories; a 1.25″ Dielectric 99% Star Diagonal and 12.5mm (32X) long eye relief eyepiece.

The SkyRaider ED APO Refractors have two 1/4-20 threads on the bottom of the standard Vixen style built-in foot, letting you set this into any Vixen Style saddle plate with no additional adapters needed.

Also released and available separately is the SkyRaider .8X 2″ APO Reducer. Fully apochromatic, the reducer makes your F/6 telescope a near astrographic fast F 4.8 telescope and gives you a wider field of view. The SkyRaider .8X 2″ APO Reducer offers 38mm of clear aperture and fully multi-coated optics. Note that the T-Thread requires 55mm of backfocus.

You can learn more about the SkyRaider ED APO Refractors here.

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