Astronomy Technology Today Editor Gary Parkerson Appears on the CBS Morning News to Discuss Solar Eclipse

Earlier this morning, Saturday August 19, CBS News aired an in-depth profile of Gary and his Pedaling Astronomer project during their morning news show. You can view the video below.

Parkerson’s Involvement with The Weather Channel Coverage of the Eclipse

Starting at 5am on Monday, August 21 (the day of the eclipse) Parkerson will be an integral part of the Weather Channel’s live coverage of the eclipse on the rooftop of the Nashville Adventure Science Center.

Parkerson will be camping out on the rooftop of the science center on Sunday night providing spectacular nighttime views of the Moon, Saturn, Venus and numerous galaxies. He will then transition his mobile observatory to Solar mode, where he’ll demonstrate how to use mobile phones, solar filter equipped telescopes, solar binoculars and other equipment he carries to share the views of the Sun.

The Pedaling Astronomer Project

The Pedaling Astronomer project is a 10,000-mile solo bicycling journey by Parkerson through all of the lower 48 US states and Washington, DC. The project is the brainchild of Parkerson who, by night is an internationally recognized authority for amateur astronomy equipment and editor of Astronomy Technology Today. By day, he is a dedicated cycling enthusiast and solar observer.

During the trip, Gary is sharing spectacular telescope views of the Sun and bright night-sky objects as well as providing educational talks on cycling as a real and viable alternative transportation option. Parkerson has been riding a custom outfitted “Surly Big” bicycle complete with traveling supplies, the latest in mobile communications, and a full set astronomy gear for daytime and nighttime observing.

The Surly Big was chosen for its visibility to carry different equipment – including tent and associated camping that Gary uses when he stays at camping destinations (these locations also typically have very dark skies for evening astro-observing). The bike also doubles as a telescope mount to hold the different telescopes Parkerson uses for demonstrations.

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The video is available at the link here:


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